Why Giving Gifts is Important

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Why Giving Gifts Is Important

An average American spends around $1000 on gifts per year. This is equal to the amount they spend on life insurance annually. 

An eyebrow-raising fact indeed.

Having said that, one thing is for sure that giving gifts casts an undeniable impact in our society. But why is giving gifts so important?

Is giving gifts just a formality or is there an essence in gifting?

Why not give equivalent cash and let the person decide their gift?

Let’s dive into the chemistry of gifts and unfold the much-anticipated questions regarding Why giving gifts is important?

What is a gift? 

Gifts are an expression of love and merriment. They demonstrate our emotions and can be a significant concession to those we respect. It reflects that the person is so valuable to us that we are ready to spend money on them expecting nothing in return.

The Science Behind Giving Gifts

Giving gifts is a medium of communication far beyond words. This language of love has been exercised since the stone age. And to your surprise, animals and birds are in this game as well. Penguins give pebbles and crows to hunt for shiny objects to impress their partner.

Here are five common motives that make gift-giving important:

  • A Great Way Of Strengthening Associations

  • Gifting is a perfect way to strengthen connections.

    Returning from a vacation with a souvenir for your boss or getting a housewarming gift basket for your new neighbors might seem like a trifling gesture, right?

    But you will be surprised to know the mighty impact it has on the recipient.

    A thoughtful gift can be worth more than a thousand words. Especially when you are trying to establish a base of an association. 

    In business scenarios, it can be a potential client or a high-profile official that you want to have connections with for your benefit. 

    A simple chocolate bar can save you from the anxiety of approaching as a secret admirer and will give you something to talk about.

    Couple a meaningful and useful gift with your soft words. – like a Led Rose Flower

    or a Butterfly 3D Wall Decoration Sticker.

  • As An Expression Of Love

  • Words can become monotonous with your special one.

    However, a bit of creativity can add a lot of weight. A gift will bind the two hearts with a one-to-one connection where every word will have a different impact altogether.

    A meaningful gift is like a timeless subsistence.

    Not only will it make their day, but it will radiate and remind them of your love for many happy years.

    The best way to reassure your love for someone is to give them a gift. Even something simple and meaningful can perk up someone's day.

    It does not have to be costly. You can thank your dad, mum, sister, friend, or someone else who has done something good for you with a token of gratitude.

    An adjustable Heart Bracelet or a 3 Piece Gift In A Box can be your perfect match in this regard. 

  • To Show Appreciation For A Job Well Done

  • Humans are genetically predisposed to seek recognition and acknowledgment.

    Gift-giving is a maneuver that can harness this human nature in amazing ways.

    Whether it's your children getting a good grade, a sibling getting a promotion, or a colleague accomplishing a complex project, the more you appreciate their contributions and successes, the happier they'll feel. 

    And the story does not end here.

    It's fascinating to hear formulaic praises like "great job," "superb work," or "well done," but nothing tops the act of giving them a tangible gift. Gift-giving to appreciate someone's accomplishment is observed to go a long way in bringing out the best of the person's capabilities by employing the "The Reward System" to motivate and encourage them to strive more.  

    Employees are given gifts from corporate companies and small business owners in recognition for their sheer determination or their exceptional commitment to the company. It boosts morale and inspires them to improve their performance. A little token of appreciation can work like magic in improving your employees' productivity.

  • Gifts To Apologize 

  • We all have been there.

    When you make a mistake, a mere apology isn't enough to win forgiveness from the other side. When words fail to convey your feelings, a gift is the safest route. It can demonstrate that you are sorry for your actions by redeeming through actions as well.

    Giving gifts is an important gesture to manifest that you're ready to put in the time, resources, and commitment necessary to make everything right between you and your partner.

    Just when the first step is feeling too heavy and getting the best of you, come up with a gift like a Custom Name Bracelet or Heart Shaped Locket and see your loved ones melting in seconds.

  • To Spread Positivity

  • This is the need of the hour as well.

    In these tough Covid-19 days, the world is in great need to find reasons to cheer up. Anything positive intensifies in effect and stimulates the heartwarming assurance that we are united in these trying times as well. 

    Gift-giving is also contagious like the virus but in a very positive way. Giving gifts is important in popping the bubble of gloominess around us. 

    People continue to be a part of the gift-giving and gift-receiving action when they see someone doing so. There is a chain reaction when everybody seeks to experience those emotional perks, which are a part of human psychology.

    Not only do they want to experience that surge of emotions, but they also want to be the reason for that happiness.

    It's not rocket science. It's a simple give-and-take arrangement that works in gift-giving as well.

    Make the first move and get a Fluffy Round Rug to start this chain reaction that will come back to you in no time.


    A one-liner answer to the question Why Giving Gifts is Important? will be:

    It is the thought that counts.

    Gifting something, no matter how big or small is a way of communicating what a person means to you. It reflects how important and valuable they are, that despite maintaining all the social distance, you are looking for ways to bring joy to their hearts.

    The greatest gifts are those that come from the heart, irrespective of the purpose for giving gifts.

    Roses Teddy Bear is a perfect gift regardless of the occasion. 

    We would love to hear your story of gift-giving that helped you in some way. Leave it in the comment section down below.

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