Gifting yourself- Should I do it?

Why It's Important To Gift Yourself?

How you treat yourself is a true reflection of how you treat others around you.


Self-gifting is important to balance the dullness of routine life. It is a joy that is purely intended to value your existence. It is a pat on your back for fighting the harshness of life valiantly and refusing to let it compromise your dreams. 


Gifting yourself at achieving milestones is one of the most satisfying experiences. It works as a driving force to make one toil harder and accomplish goals in short order. The contentment of self-gifting goes a long way in bringing out the best version of you. The positive vibe that you radiate makes your presence an upbeat, inspiring people in your surroundings. Gifting yourself contributes to making you emotionally independent and muffles jealousy, sucking the negativity to make you happy as a clam.


Here are five reasons Why It’s Important To Gift Yourself more often...


5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Yourself

  • Rewarding Yourself For The Hard Work

  • The incentive theory of motivation states how the reward system is an effective tool to enhance productivity. 


    This phenomenon is successfully working around us since prehistoric times. From receiving rewards after completing a level in the mobile game to lifting the trophy after winning a tournament, we all are fond of receiving rewards.


    Do you also feel that you are capable of doing huge things but procrastination gets the best of you? What else can be better than finding a strong motivation to overthrow procrastination?


    Clean the slate now!


    Let's begin by contemplating what drives you to achieve your objectives. Are you looking to complete a chore or to avoid a detrimental consequence?


    In either case, decide on a gift that you will get yourself once you accomplish the condition. It can be something as small as completing the chores of the day to something as big as getting a promotion at work. The bigger the statement, the better the gift.


    The key is, to be honest with yourself. You will know it was all worthwhile when you will sit back on your couch, take a deep breath and unpack the gift you got yourself after all that hard work.


  • To Get Something That You Have Been Saving For Years

  • How many times have we stopped buying something for ourselves just because of the guilt that might follow it? Especially if the tag is pricey.


    People become grumpy when their needs are left unfulfilled.


    How satisfying it must be to get something you've desired for ages and have been waiting for it to go on sale. It's a joyous day, and regret should not overshadow that joy. 


    Self-gifting is a guilt-free act to fulfill your own wishes when others won't; it's a proactive move that's in your best interests.


    Often we wish to have something that we currently can’t afford. Instead of getting depressed, you can use this as positive energy to organize yourself and make a plan to get it for yourself.


    The journey to your gift will not put you on the right track, but it will also open new doors that can be life-changing in a good way.


  • Bring Happiness Of Gifting To Yourself


    Why feel envious of what others have when you can have it all for yourself? Conversely, if you can't afford something you really want, why not pick something else you can afford that makes you happy?


    Giving gifts has been proven to decrease blood pressure, increase self-esteem, reduce depression, and maximize gratification.  Generosity has been found to activate reward hubs in the brain, resulting in increased levels of feel-good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.


    Even intense emotions are observed when you are on the receiving end. A meaningful gift can even kindle up with tears of gratitude.


    That being said, how about experiencing both these emotions at the same time?


    Thanks to self-gifting, this is absolutely possible. Not to mention that the gift to yourself will be exactly what you need. Add that to the equation and you will end up having the best gift of your life.


  • Become An Expert In Gifting

  • Picking up the right gift can sometimes be a brain-twister.


    Our friends and family do their utmost to give us the best gift possible, they can still misjudge your needs as they might be oblivious of our particular preferences. On the other hand, you have the privilege of knowing your tastes better than anybody else, and gifting yourself can surely be your best shot.


    As a matter of fact, there's nothing quite like witnessing someone's eyes sparkle when you've made the perfect gift selection.


    You can become a great gift giver as well! All you need to do is take time to consider what you want and why you want it. You will step into the gift giver's frame of mind and start to understand what other people are waiting for.


    Human psychology brings mankind together. Our thought process is a special art and it can be mastered by viewing things from different angles.


  • To Appreciate Little Thing In Life

  • Self-deprivation has no intrinsic value because it has a greater cause in the universe, such as welfare or public service, and the point of bargain hunting is to save on essentials so that we can pursue better products.


    We are also our own fiercest critics, and most people have a history of matching themselves with others in a manner that leads to self-loathing. 


    This is the last thing we can afford in the current world situation.


    Gifting yourself is a form of self-validation, a means of demonstrating to the world and yourself that you are worthy of happiness.


    We have been in a rough patch for more than a year now and it's time that we make a fresh start, rise stronger than ever before, and move on in life.


    Begin by giving yourself a meaningful gift and this little dose of positivity can make a huge difference in lifting the mood of this planet.


    So be kind to yourself and look into the future, and give yourself a gift. 


    You deserve it, regardless of what others think! 


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    Emotional self-reliance is reflected by self-gifting. It enables you to fulfill your wishes rather than depending on happiness from others.


    Just like a torch needs to be charged before glowing for hours to come, similarly, you need to instill yourself with self-love so that you can love your special ones wholeheartedly.


    And gifting yourself is an important step, to begin with.


    Gift yourself something that uplifts you and makes you feel good, valued, appreciated, nurtured, and complete so that you can continue to be the torch gleaming ever so brightly.


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